Interested in 访问ing Campus?

a tour group walks past the Beneski Museum of Natural History

  • First, read about our visiting options below.
  • 接下来,看看我们的 日历 of information sessions and campus tours.
  • Then, sign up online for the information session and campus tour option of your choice. (Groups of 10 or more should submit the 团体参观表格)



We love having visitors on campus! We encourage you to visit Amherst to see the campus for yourself and meet our students, 教职员和教授. There are several ways to visit us:


我们每个人 预定的访问 starts with a one-hour information session (presented by an admission dean) followed immediately by a one-hour campus tour (led by a student tour guide), a sequence that is designed to maximize the value of your time with us. All visits begin at the Office of 入学 at 220 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. The Office of 入学 is open to visitors from 8:30am - 4:30pm on weekdays, 9:30am - 2:10pm on Saturdays, and 11:30am - 2:10pm on Sundays. We recommend arriving at least fifteen minutes before the start of your scheduled visit.

On some dates, only an information session or a tour may be offered, so be sure to check the 注册表 for the date you're planning to visit. For groups of 10 or larger, don't forget to fill out our 团体参观表格.


If you will be visiting our campus at a time when student-led tours are not offered, 你可登入我们的 互动校园地图,请留意我们的 在线虚拟游 or pick up our self-guided tour booklet and print campus map, available in the visitor information box outside the front door of the 入学 Office.


In addition to our campus visiting options, we also offer virtual tour sessions on select dates throughout the year. These sessions are hosted by student tour guides and offer the opportunity to learn more about Amherst through an interactive online experience. More information on dates and times can be found on the 注册页面.

金融援助 会话信息 - Virtual Only

Want to learn more about our approach to financial aid, including our commitment to meeting the full calculated need of every admitted student with a no-loan financial aid package? Then be sure to sign up for a virtual 金融援助 Information Session with one of our financial aid deans. 


Some additional important items of interest for visiting students and their families:

  • 地点及时间: The Office of 入学 is located at 220 South Pleasant Street, 宝盈bbin,马萨诸塞州01002. We are open Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. We have limited hours on selected Saturdays from August through November.
  • 健康与安全: Please be sure to review the current campus health and safety protocols for visitors 参观前. Anyone experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-related (e.g., 冷, 流感, other respiratory illness) or who has been in recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID should not visit campus. Amherst is a mask-friendly campus.
  • 停车: There are several parking spaces for visitors directly in front of the 入学 building, but you may also park in the lot behind the 入学 building; anywhere along the long, semicircular driveway between Orr Hockey Rink and South Pleasant Street/Route 116; in the Orr Hockey Rink lot at the south entrance of the driveway; or on Hitchcock Road, running perpendicular to South Pleasant Street/Route 116 directly across from the south entrance of the driveway. On particularly busy days, should all those areas be full, additional parking may be found in the lot behind 校友 House. Upon exiting our semicircular driveway, turn right onto South Pleasant Street/Route 116, proceed to the traffic light, turn right onto College Street/Route 9, take the first left turn onto Seelye Street and proceed to the parking lot on your left. From the 校友 House parking lot, the Office of 入学 is a ten-minute walk across campus. (If you should receive a parking ticket while parked on the 宝盈bbin官方网站 campus, please bring it to the 入学 receptionist and we will take care of it for you!)

View our Virtual Campus Tour

Can’t make it to campus in person? Join three Amherst students — Alexandre, Clara and Lauren — to explore our beautiful campus and learn more about academic and student life in our extraordinary college community. And hear our summer student interns talk about their experiences at Amherst.



Join three Amherst students — Alexandre, Clara and Lauren — to explore our beautiful campus and learn more about academic and student life in our extraordinary college community.

入学 Summer Conversations


Our summer interns talk about their experiences at Amherst. They discuss making Amherst a second home, orientation activities, first-year seminar & open curriculum, student support resources, and affinity groups and clubs.